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Victoria Munro of Make-it-FlyTen Tips to Keep in Touch—
Cultivate Loyal Clients with Creative Communication
By Victoria Munro

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We know that marketing to existing clients returns at least five times more bottom-line profit than the same dollar spent on marketing to acquire new clients. It just makes sense to take excellent care of current clients. Keep in constant touch with them and let them know you care. If you don’t, your competitor will. Below are ten tips—ideas to help you creatively stay connected with your current clients and turn them into loyal fans.

1. Besides your regular newsletters, send letters and emails. Share something that will be of genuine value to them (books, articles, information and/or appropriate networking opportunities). Knowing and keeping in mind what they are passionate about will help you to be effective at this.
2. Call them sometimes with no sales agenda, just to see how they’re doing. Maybe ask if they have any needs you could help with.
3. Occasionally, arrange to meet in person. Ask questions and listen, and always give your undivided attention. Remember to turn off your cell phone. Make them feel important and special.
4. Make an effort to understand your clients’ needs and introduce them to others who could be of help to them.
5. Follow up promptly on referrals they give you. Thank them and keep them apprised of your progress.
6. Ask for their help. People like to help others.
7. Schedule a phone call a day or two after every service performed to make sure that the client was satisfied with the work. If you sell big-ticket products or services, call and ask if you can offer any assistance, and make sure your products and/or services are living up to the client’s expectations.
8. Host client appreciation events.
9. Give gifts. No need to spend a fortune—be creative. Use your imagination.
10. When you’re in their area, stop by their office just to ask how they’re doing and if there are any ways you can help.

Be sure to keep your promises to your clients! Follow through on what you said you’d do. And always, always, always be sincere! Be real, authentic and true to who you are.

There are more ideas on how to turn your clients into a dynamic sales team that will spread the word about you and your business in the ebook, There’s a Goldmine in Your Backyard.

(405 words)
© 2005-2007 Victoria Munro.

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About the Author: Victoria Munro is co-founder (along with husband Dave Block) of Make-it-Fly® LLC, a company dedicated to creating success for small-business owners through creatively designed programs and tools. Victoria has started and run nine different businesses. To receive FREE business success articles with tips to help you with your business, sign up for their award-winning ezine, “In-Flight Refueling,” at:, and receive a free copy of the eBook, Get More Done in Less Time: 101 Quick and Easy Time Tactics & Tips.

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