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Victoria Munro of Make-it-FlyAre You Flying Solo?
Your Own Advisory Board Can Help
By Victoria Munro

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“There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach
your goals only with the help of others.” -- George Shinn

Flying solo can be lonely and sometimes scary. Statistics confirm that being in business on your own is risky. In addition to the constant steam of demanding daily tasks and stressful financial challenges, it’s all too easy to just get bogged down with busyness.

After a few years in business, we often find owners working longer hours than they’d planned and not having much fun. Their business, personal and family life is seriously out of balance.

We weren’t designed to fly solo. As a rule, the Lone Ranger mentality doesn’t work well for small business owners, especially in today’s rapidly changing world, where we need to keep current in: technology, legal, accounting, the Internet and marketing, etc. To avoid a crash landing and enjoy the ride, we need co-pilots.

An Advisory Board Can Be the Answer

You’re more likely to succeed if you surround yourself with knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging colleagues. Daily, we watch small business owners thrive in a community of like-minded business people committed to helping each other.

Powerful Pluses of a Peer Advisory Board:

1. Gives you needed fresh perspectives and new ideas you can implement right away.
2. Provides honest feedback—a safe place to share what’s going on and your future plans, and get input and help solving problems.
3. Supplies the support and encouragement we all need.
4. Keeps you focused and accountable to do what you’ve committed to do.
5. Expands your network of valuable connections and resources.
6. Commits you to work on, not just in your business.
7. Enables you to give back to others using your talents and experience. The saying “You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give” is true.

Though we run Make-it-Fly® Advisory Boards and Alumni Advisory Boards, these may not be right for you, or there may not be an Advisory Board in your area. We recommend you either join an existing Advisory Board or build your own mastermind group. Invite those you know and trust, those who have similar values to your own and ideally those who have a business at the same level as yours.

Steps to Build Your Board

Step One Take the initiative, be a leader, and select and invite your board members.
Step Two Share your purpose and plan for group members.
Step Three Decide on the best schedule for everyone and agree on common goals for the group.
Step Four Assign a facilitator for each meeting.
Step Five Review progress and assess whether you’re achieving the objectives you set.

Flying Solo isn’t the best way to go! Having your own Advisory Board provides a serious forum to improve your skills, gain fresh perspectives, valuable new insights and receive encouragement as you build your business. We need one another and flourish with supportive people around us. As Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

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© 2005-2008 Victoria Munro.

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About the Author: Victoria Munro is co-founder (along with husband Dave Block) of Make-it-Fly® LLC, a company dedicated to creating success for small-business owners through creatively designed programs and tools. Victoria has started and run nine different businesses. To receive FREE business success articles with tips to help you with your business, sign up for their award-winning ezine, “In-Flight Refueling,” at:, and receive a free copy of the eBook, Get More Done in Less Time: 101 Quick and Easy Time Tactics & Tips.

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