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Make-it-Fly® Alumni Advisory Boards

When you graduate from the Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101, we offer Alumni Boards for those who are committed to growing their companies and want to maintain a lifestyle of strategic goal setting and accountability.

Alumni Board meetings focus on discussion, real-life problem solving and business growth issues. You’ll have opportunity to find solutions and get feedback from the collective expertise and experience of fellow members.

You’ll be part of a board with 11 to 13 other non-competing business owners. Along with other board members, you’ll be free to openly share your business objectives, visions, successes and struggles in an environment of professional camaraderie and strict confidentiality.

Your board will meet once a month for three hours, when all members have opportunity to bring up concerns they would like feedback on. In addition to being able to bring up business issues you may be dealing with each month, every six months you will have the opportunity to make a presentation of your businesses to your board, outline a current question or a challenge you’d like members to address.

Each month, you’ll set 30-day goals to move your business forward in the way you want to. You’ll also be assigned a different accountability buddy from the board each month—you’ll meet together, encourage, support and give input to each other, ensuring you both stay on track to reach the goals you’ve set.

Your Investment:

Dues may be paid

  • Quarterly - $275
  • Semi-annually - $490 (Save $120 over a year)
  • Annually - $950 (Save $150)

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Alumni Board FAQ

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Call 720-962-8888 if you’d like to talk with someone about joining a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and boost your company’s profits.

What People
are Saying

Russell Louie
Optimum Choices, LLC

Russell Louie of Optimum Choices, LLC“I told Dave Block before I joined Make-it-Fly®, only 10 percent of all business development seminars were worthwhile. For my Internet business, I needed the most up-to-date, successful techniques that were proven to work in today’s economy. Three years later, after a 12-fold increase in revenues, I can truthfully say Make-it-Fly® has delivered.

Every time I've needed an additional boost, new marketing idea or solution to a pressing problem, I have gone to my Alumni Board of Directors for a solution. As a small business owner, I never feel I am alone, but I have the knowledge and resources of not just my Alumni Board but also the vast Make-it-Fly® network behind me. I absolutely cannot imagine being a successful business in the 21st century without Make-it-Fly®."

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Alumni Board FAQ

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