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Taking Time Away Can Be Good for Business
By Victoria Munro          

Small business owners are very good at a lot of things, but taking time off isn’t one of them. Americans in general put in longer hours than workers in any other industrialized nation, but for many entrepreneurs there’s no such thing as a 40-hour work week, and taking a vacation can seem like a far-fetched fantasy.

Why Such Crazy Workaholics?

Most entrepreneurs choose a business they’re passionate about, and doing what you love can become addictive!

When you’ve grown and nurtured that business from the ground up, it’s easy to act like an over-protective parent. In addition, there’s the fear that things will fall apart if you leave town, clients won’t understand if you’re not there to respond personally and immediately to their needs, or you might miss new business opportunities.

We may have needed to work crazy hours without taking vacations during the start-up phase of the business, now overwork has become a lifestyle.

Take Care of Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

Remember, your business’s biggest asset is you! And you need down time. Getting out of town occasionally will re-charge your entrepreneurial batteries and give you a truer perspective—a chance to step back and look at the big picture. You’ll return refreshed, rejuvenated and able to give your best. Regard your vacation as an important long-term investment in yourself and the success of your business.

10 Tips to Help You Take Time Off

Make a decision, set a date and mark it on your calendar. (It makes sense to select the slowest time of year in your business.)
Plan where you’ll go, and make reservations.
Let clients know you’ll be gone, but will return revitalized to take excellent care of them.
Document everything you do, so that someone else can easily step in and help if needed.
Have a backup person take care of client emergencies.
If a week or two is out of the question, start with mini-vacations—three-day weekends. We find it takes the first couple of days just to unwind.
Don’t take work with you—focus on the business of relaxing.
If you have to take your laptop and cell phone, arrange to be “disconnected” most of the time.
Plan your re-entry—schedule some catch up time when you come back.
Relax and enjoy!

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