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A Meeting of One
By Victoria Munro          

Whether clients are calling and sales are up or you’re just getting a new business off the ground, running a business is demanding. The crucial daily tasks of running the business, wearing the many different hats, trying to catch up and keep up can consume all your time and energy. The thought of stopping to take time out to reflect, review and plan can seem absurd. Yet it could be what you need most.

If you want to grow your business and have a life, taking regular time to step away and think is key to your success.

Schedule a Meeting of One

Set an hour or more aside each week for yourself. Regularly scheduling your own private meeting of one can keep you on track, bring to light innovative solutions to problems, turn mistakes into helpful learning experiences, clarify what’s really important, help you maintain a balanced life, inspire creativity, and rekindle your passion for the business and for life.

Make your Meeting of One a regular event. Put it on the calendar at the same time each week. Get out of the office, away from the phone and other distractions. Perhaps go to your favorite coffee shop or the local library. In the summer, a park bench or picnic table might offer an ideal venue. See this as an important meeting with the company’s key player—you.

There’s Value in Taking Time Alone to Think

Rags-to-riches millionaire and philanthropist Peter Daniels has created successful ventures around the world. In The Power of Focus, authors Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt write, “When asked what turned his life from triple indebtedness to unprecedented success, he (Peter Daniels) replied, ‘I scheduled time to think. In fact, I reserve one day a week on my calendar just to think. All of my greatest ideas, opportunities and money-making ventures started with the days I took off to think.’ ”

Your Meeting Agenda

Ideas for your meeting agenda might include:

Review your long- and short-term goals.
Are you on track to reach them? Are there adjustments you need to make?
Review the last week.
What was your biggest success? Challenge? What can you learn from each of these?
What did you do in the business last week that was fulfilling and fun? What did you least enjoy? Could you delegate this? How?
What could make customers’ experience with your company more profitable and enjoyable for them? Can you offer additional products or services would they value?
What is the most important task, and the second most important task, you can accomplish this week? What might prevent you from accomplishing these? How will you overcome this?

Close your meeting by making a note of new ideas and anything you’ve committed to do or do differently this week.

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