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Book Dave Block or Victoria Munro to Speak to your Organization

Victoria's Presentations

Dave's Presentations

Five Keys to Make Your Lead/Referral Group Profitable

Leads and referral groups can be dynamic, fun and profitable, or they can be a waste of precious time and money for members. Whether your group is electrifying or lacks energy, this interactive presentation will better equip and motivate members and re-vitalize meetings.

Your members will learn how to:

Key #1 Identify an “ideal member” for the group
Key #2 Recruit “ideal members”
Key #3 Make your meetings exciting and motivating
Key #4 Improve the quality of leads given
Key #5 Create a plan and strategies to grow the group

This presentation is designed for leads/referral groups that want to grow memberships, as well as increase attendance and the number and quality of leads given. It will boost member enthusiasm and motivation as the audience relates to the five keys above.

Become a Confident Networker: Grow Your Business Through Relationships

Many business owners acknowledge the value of networking, but don’t enjoy or feel comfortable meeting and talking to people at events. They may attend events, but fail to network effectively, gain new friends and clients, and significantly grow their businesses as a result.

Participants will learn how to:

Avoid seven common mistakes most networkers make
Learn a new paradigm for networking
Understand and apply the systems, skills and attitudes needed to become a highly successful networker

This interactive and very practical presentation is ideal for an audience of small business owners and professionals. Participants will be given tips, ideas and a plan to maximize their networking experiences.

Victoria speaks on:

Three Powerful Pointers that Will Make Networking Work for You.

Networking can be a powerful and highly effective tool for business owners and professionals. It has many facets, and in this fun, interactive and very practical talk, Victoria focuses on three essential elements she guarantees will work—three powerful pointers:

1. Make a Fabulous First Impression – You only get one chance!
2. Create an Exceptional Elevator Speech that will leave your audience begging to know more
3. Present a Brilliant Business Card – It’s the one thing you’ll leave with someone. Don’t underestimate its power!

This speech is ideal for a 45 to 60 minute time slot and is suitable for audiences of any size. It’s designed to meet the needs of small business owners, entrepreneurs and/or professionals who want to sharpen their networking skills.

Victoria also offers a very practical half-day workshop on this topic for small groups of 10 to 20.

Balance: the Key to Restoring Passion and Play in Your Business and Your Life

This interactive speech addresses the challenges faced by many entrepreneurs, who juggle the numerous demands of running a business with family, social life and taking care of themselves. The real life-stories, down-to-earth solutions, tips and revealing exercises make this talk both entertaining and very practical.

Three keys crucial key to balance are covered:

1. Know Where You’re Going—clarify your vision and purpose
2. Who’s Spending Your Time? How to take back control
3. Seven Steps to Reset You Balance Point: Remain stabilized and focused regardless of external turbulence

This speech is designed for an audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners and/or sales professionals. It can be adapted to fit a timeframe of between 45 and 90 minutes, and depending on time available will include a question and answer session.

If you’d like to know more about these talks or book Dave or Victoria to speak to your group or organization, email or call the office at: 720-962-8888.

About Dave and Victoria

What People
are Saying

Mark Crowley
Executive Director
Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce

Mark Crowley,  Executive Director, Greenwood Village Chamber of Commerce“When Dave Block spoke to members of leads groups at our chamber, he provided a very enlightening experience. There are a few key strategies that can make a leads group very effective—without these in place, many if not most groups flounder and fail.

Dave's insight into effectively 'giving' to your group and the type of individuals that make good group members so current members can 'be on the lookout' for quality participants. Also, one of the real keys—treating leads group activities as importantly as any other aspect of one's business, made for a really worthwhile workshop. One hour's time with Dave will surely pay dividends for any leads group.”

Kristi Pearce
Vice President for Millennium Bank

Kristi Pearce, Vice President for Millennium Bank"The piece Victoria presented on 'perfecting your 10-second elevator speech' was fantastic—I loved the examples she used! I took the information she gave, went back to my office to write my own and have been practicing it ever since. I have noticed a significant increase in the number of return phone calls I have gotten. I have also noticed a lot more people seem intrigued as to what I do and ask me for more information. Thank you very much for helping me improve my sales skills!"


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