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Consulting Services for Small Business Owners

Dave Block of Make-it-Fly

As a small business owner, you’re likely passionate about what you do, but the business details involved in managing and running the business—wearing all those different hats—isn’t where your skill, enthusiasm and expertise lies. Make-it-Fly® consulting services could be the answer if you need any of the following:

Help to expand your network, grow your customer base and increase profits
Someone to keep you motivated and hold you accountable to keep on track
Work more efficiently, increase focus and clarity to achieve maximum effectiveness
More balance in your life
Ways to build your business through resource generation

Consulting Opportunities with Dave:

Four 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with Dave, including membership in the three-month Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 - $995

Basic Networking for Business Growth – $195

One-on-one needs discussion and analysis
Networking event mentor experience
One-on-one debrief and feedback

Advanced Networking for Business Growth – $385

Six consulting sessions (face to face and over the phone) covering the following:

Referral generation
Networking skills
Expanding your network
Obtaining and benefiting from valuable connections
Needs assessment, feedback and accountability

Six-Month New-Client Generation Consulting – $1200

12 sessions (face to face and over the phone) designed to generate new clients for your business. These sessions will focus on:

General needs assessment
Identify possible resources for significant business growth
New client generation
Networking skills training and development

Dave Block has served as a management consultant in small and medium-sized businesses since 1986. Prior to that, he had two commands in the U.S. Air Force and worked with numerous defense contractors.

His expertise in time management, communication skills, building effective relationships, problem solving/decision making techniques, marketing, supervisory training and team building have enabled him to guide many companies toward success.

When your need is outside the scope of our own expertise, Make-it-Fly® will recommend trusted specialists in that area.

Call 720-962-8888 if you’d like to talk with Dave and find out if consulting with him might help boost your company’s profits and be a good fit.

What People
are Saying

Steve Doherty
Professional Speaker

American Champions Publishing

Steve Doherty, American Champions Publishing“I have known Dave and Victoria, and have been part of the Make-It-Fly® family, for over four years. To me, the coaching, support, and ongoing mentoring and accountability have been priceless.

Dave Block takes the time necessary to teach and ensure that learning takes place towards each person’s professional goals and objectives. Unlike any professional coach I’ve ever worked with, Dave constantly follows up and makes adjustments to ensure the coaching and the desired outcome remain aligned. Bottom line?


Jeryl Tippets
Tippets Insurance Agency

“I’m excited about the 'one-on-one' coaching that I have had with Dave following my Advisory Board experience. Just the first one-on-one was well worth the money I paid.

Because of what I learned in the Advisory Board 101, followed by the one-on-one coaching, I believe I am now able to direct this small insurance agency with a clear road map. Also, Dave has a remarkable talent to remember all past Advisory Board members, what they do and how they can help me. I am currently partnering with several past board members to help grow my business. Would I do this all over again? You bet!! Only sooner.

Thank you, Dave and Victoria, for helping me see my own vision.”

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