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Small Business Articles from Make-it-Fly®

Do you mail or email a newsletter or ezine for your business or organization, but lack the time or talent to write useful, first-rate content?

You’re welcome to use Make-it-Fly®’s small biz articles. We simply ask that you make sure they remain complete and unaltered, including the “about the author” info at the end.

Small Biz articles are available on a variety of topics:

Marketing Business Planning
Growing Your Business Client Relationships
Business & Life Balance Networking
Time Management & Organization


A Different Approach to Marketing: Strong Relationships Are Key

Are Prospective Clients Hearing You?

Are You Shooting Yourself in the Foot?
Tips to Help You Get the Right Message Across

Brand Your Business to Be Heard Above the Crowd!

Create and State Your USP to Increase Revenue

Grow Your Business with Email Marketing

How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Maximize Your Networking Success

How to Market for Next to Nothing
Part 1, Get Noticed

How to Turn Your Clients into a Dynamic Sales Force

Is Lack of Consistency Killing Your Sales?
Don't Underestimate the Power of Repetition in Marketing

Know and Profit From What Sets You Apart

Make it Easy for Customers to Buy

Position Your Business to Outshine the Competition
Part One of a Two-Part Series

Brand Your Business to Be Heard Above the Crowd!
Part Two of a Two-Part Series

Relational Marketing

Seven Steps to Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster
Funnel Marketing is the Key

Six Easy Steps to Create a Basic Marketing Plan

The Pricing Dilemma

To Give or Not to Give

Unleash Your Marketing Creativity and Increase Sales

Use Public Speaking to Boost Your Business

Ways to Maximize Your Marketing for Less

Business Planning

Are You On Track?

Clarity and Success—There Is a Link

Five Steps to Help You Get What You Want

How to Use SMART Goals to Get Ahead

It Pays to Think About the End When You Start

Lay the Foundation First - Then Write Your Plan

Review and Learn from Your Past Successes and Challenges

Set Your Course with a Company Vision Statement

Seven Easy Steps to Reach Your Goal

Start With the End in Mind

Stir Up Your Entrepreneurial Passion
Ten Easy Tips

Unleash the Power of a Purposeful Mission Statement

What is Success Anyway?

You're Halfway There: Are You on Track?

Growing Your Business

7 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Are You Flying Solo?
Your Own Advisory Board Can Help

Celebrate Success and Get More of the Same

Four Steps to Identifying and Implementing Your Core Values

Grow Your Business Through Relationships:- Ten Top Tips

How to Choose the Right Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Part One of a Two-Part Series
The Secret to Surviving and Thriving
Put Systems in Place

Part Two of the Two-Part Series
Six Easy Steps to Create Your Operations Manual

Let Go and Grow - In Other Words, Delegate!

Let Your Raving Fans Help!

Passion and Profit – Can We Have Both?

Systems: the Price, the Payback and a Plan to Get You There

Systems—Your Ticket to Freedom!

Want to Get Ahead? Consider a Coach

You Could Be Missing Out—If You Fail to Make Ongoing Learning a Lifestyle

Your Beliefs Could Be Holding You Back

Client Relationships

A Game Plan to Build Relationships

Clients are “the Heart of Your Business” – Do they Know You Care? Part One of a Two-Part Series

Clients are “the Heart of Your Business” – Make Sure You Connect with Them Part Two of a Two-Part Series

Do Some Clients Drive You Nuts?
Take a Quick Quiz

Keep in Touch With Your Clients…
and Prospective Clients

Ten Tips to Keep in Touch—Cultivate and Keep Loyal Clients with Creative Communication

Why People Give Referrals

Business & Life Balance

A Meeting of One

Avoid Common Entrepreneurial Pitfalls - Keep in Balance and Get Where You Want to Go

Business and Life Lessons Learned Looking Back:
Seven Key Lessons

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Get Stuck in the Status Quo!

Key Qualities for Changing Times

Laughter—Good Medicine for Stress

How to Live in Balance And Get Things Done

How to Make the Most of Your Summer

How to Stay Encouraged - 10 Tips to Keep You On Top

Invest in Your Number One Asset

Keys to Help You Stay Focused - A three-part series:
- Key #1 Keep Your Destination in Focus
- Key #2 Steer Clear of Distractions
- Key #3 Focus Your Thoughts: Take Time to Think

Live the Life You Love – A Balancing Act

Prioritize and Get the Important Things Done

Release the Power of the Real You
Five Steps to Know Thyself

Restore Your Entrepreneurial Passion: Seven Tips

Survive and Thrive in a stressful world

Taking Time Away Can Be Good for Business

Ten Tips to Help You Say “No”

Tips for a Stress Free Summer

Too Much on Your Plate?

The Dangers of Avoiding Change - Three Keys to Help Make Change Easy

Three Keys to Keep Passion and Play
In Business and Life

Twelve Stress-Busting Tips for Entrepreneurs

Ways to Stay Up in a Down Economy


A Proven Plan to Make the Most of Your Networking Contacts

Employ the Power of Community

Five Easy Steps to Make Networking Work for You

Holiday Networking Nuggets

How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Maximize Your Networking Success

How to Make a Fabulous First Impression

Six Secrets of Successful Networking

Successful Networking’s Secret Ingredient

The Golden Rule of Networking: Stay in Touch with Your Contacts

Turn Networking Upside-Down

Ways to Remember Their Names - Everyone’s Favorite Word is His or Her Name!

Time Management & Organization

Beware of BSOs!

How to Set Goals You Will A C H I E V E

Is Busywork Eating Up Your Time?

Keys to Personal Productivity
Understanding Yourself is the Secret!

Learn and Profit from Past Mistakes

Need More Hours in Your Day? There is a Solution!

Set Clear Boundaries to Keep You on Track

Seven Simple Steps to Set New Year Goals You Will Achieve

Take Charge of Your Environment – Make Your Workspace Work for You

Take Control of Your Day with a Meaningful “To-Do” List

Ten Easy Pointers to Help You Put an End to Procrastination

10 Tips to Help You Plan a Successful Day

Ten Easy Tips to Save You Time

Ten Tips to Keep You Focused - In a World of Distractions

Work Smarter Not Harder – Ten Tips to Help You

Your Most Priceless Asset: How to Guard Your Time Vigilantly

Victoria Munro

Victoria writes extensively and has a strong background in small business development and marketing. She has started and run nine businesses and has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing, service, import and retail sectors. She understands the challenges faced by small business owners and thoroughly enjoys being a part of their solutions.

What People
are Saying:

Beth Boen
CreativeXchange Marketing

Your article on pricing packages inspired me. I was about to reprint my sales kit rate sheet, when I read your article I had to revisit everything I was doing. I am revamping per your great advice.

Thank you so much!


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