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Make-it-Fly® Company Overview

Dave Block and Victoria Munro founded Make-it-Fly®, LLC in February 2003, in Denver, Colorado. to provide training and support systems in the form of Advisory Boards, and helpful tools and resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners (0 to 20 employees). The first of the three-month Advisory Board 101 programs started in April 2003. Since then, over 50 boards have been held in the Denver area.

Make-it-Fly® Advisory Boards were designed for entrepreneurs who need a serious forum to improve their skills and get a fresh perspective on building and running their businesses while addressing the many challenging issues of entrepreneurship in a supportive and confidential environment.

Each Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 is comprised of 12 non-competing business owners, who meet once each month for a three-hour seminar (a total of four seminars). Format for these seminars includes brainstorming and discussion sessions as well as practical exercises that relate directly to their businesses. SMART goal setting and a structured accountability process is also an integral part of the course.

In late 2003, the first Make-it-Fly® Alumni Board was launched for Advisory Board members who valued the support, help and encouragement of fellow board members and wished to maintain a lifestyle of regular goal setting and accountability. Make-it-Fly® Alumni Boards also meet once a month. These boards are more loosely structured than the Advisory Board 101s, with an emphasis on discussion around members’ real-time issues. At each meeting, two or three business owners make presentations to the board on their business and may use their board as they wish. Often, presenters describe issues and request ideas to solve specific problems, feedback on possible future plans or proposed marketing materials, etc.

In the spring of 2004, Make-it-Fly® launched the bi-weekly ezine In-Flight Refueling - Secrets to Small Business Success. The publication has attracted a consistently growing list of subscribers. It has proved an excellent marketing tool and won an “Award of Excellence” in the 2006 Apex Awards for Publication Excellence.

Also in 2004, Make-it-Fly® instituted a bi-monthly networking event (six per year)—the Make-it-Fly® Café. These events have drawn between 150 and 250 people each time.

In 2006, Make-it-Fly® formed a publishing company, Top Flight Press, LLC, to produce and market complementary products designed to meet the needs of Make-it-Fly® clients, and other small business owners who may not be in a position to become board members. Several ebooks are currently available and the first softcover book, The Small Biz Balancing Act: Secreats to Restoring Passion and Play in Your Business and Life, was published late 2008. Several other exciting publications and DVDs are in the pipeline.

During the first four years, we've developed a wide network of skilled and talented business owners in the Rocky Mountain region. Because of this, we are deluged almost daily with requests for referrals. In 2007, we will introduced an online searchable Small Biz Directory of businesses we've pre-screened and can wholeheartedly recommend.

Make-it-fly® Franchise oOpportunities
As of November 2008, the company is offering franchises in Colorado and several states.

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