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The Make-it-Fly® Love Story

Loving Partnership is Changing the Face and Heart of Small Businesses

When Dave Block started a business several years ago, like many entrepreneurs, he soon found himself overwhelmed and frustrated. After a successful 20-year career in the Air Force and consulting for small and mid-sized businesses, running his own business proved challenging. “I had to wear so many different hats,” he recalls. “I had no problem with sales, but creating systems and dealing with all the administrative details was definitely not my forte.”

Sales increased and Dave’s business skyrocketed. The next step was creating a website to provide clients and sales personnel with needed information. A friend recommended that he talk with web designer Victoria Munro. On January 28, 2002, they met at her office to talk about the proposed site. “Before I hire someone, it’s important for me to interview them and get to know them,” Dave explains. “We talked that day for about two hours, and I discovered that Victoria had started and run eight businesses. I asked her a really wild question: ‘Would you run my business?’ She politely said no, but promised to help me.” Seven months later, they were married!

Dave Block and Victoria Munro of Make-it-Fly“Neither of us was looking for a relationship,” Dave stresses. “I just needed a website, and Victoria, who was really busy at the time, was almost hesitant to see me. A few weeks later, I told my friend who recommended her, ‘Something is happening to my heart. It’s hard to describe—feels as though it’s being pulled.’ As I got to know Victoria, I was awed by her life experiences, her wisdom and her heart for people. She’s able to see the potential in others, encourage them to discover their purpose and then inspire them to go do it!”

On their honeymoon, Dave and Victoria spent many hours planning their future business. The following spring, ten entrepreneurs gathered around a table for the first Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101. “That first program was a far cry from our seminars today,” Dave says. “But several members of that group are still involved in our ongoing Alumni Boards.”

Russell Louie of Optimum Choices, LLCRussell Louie of Optimum Choices, LLC was a member of that first board. “As a small business owner, I never feel I am alone because I have the knowledge and resources of not just my Alumni Board but also the vast Make-it-Fly® network behind me. I absolutely cannot imagine being a successful business owner in the 21st century without Make-it-Fly®.”

Working together as husband and wife has its own unique rewards and challenges. “Maintaining a balanced life, when you passionately love each other and love what you do, is hard,” Victoria admits. “We have to really work at doing what we recommend others do. It’s not easy!”

Kim Adamache, owner of Creative Data Solutions, feels fortunate to have Dave and Victoria in her life. “In the Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and the Alumni Board, they’ve supported and encouraged me to reach my business goals. Now I’m exploring a career path I left behind years ago, and through personal consulting sessions with Victoria, I’m getting the firm yet loving support I need.”

Each Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 is limited to 12 members who, in an atmosphere of giving, professional camaraderie and strict confidentiality, are free to openly share with the others. “The greatest excitement for me,” Dave says, “is watching people who are struggling in an area receive the help they need from those who are qualified and competent. It’s rewarding to see people focused on helping each other!”

Jay Murray, Solutions for TuitionJay Murray of Geneos Wealth Management, Inc. and Solutions for Tuition participated in a recent Advisory Board. “The first time I met Dave, I thought he was the kindest man I had ever met, and there was something very special about him. It wasn’t until I met Victoria that I fully understood what made Dave so special. Victoria has a quiet strength and understands how to help business owners at a very deep level. Together their strengths and personalities complement each other. Their love and perfect compatibility enables the creative process and sets a tone of deep respect and security for the business owners they work with.”

Steve Doherty, author and speakerAuthor and speaker Steve Doherty is thankful he met Dave at a meeting. “I was alone,” he remembers. “A lot of business owners are alone, and it’s horrible to be alone. As a result of one-on-one coaching with Dave, I’ve gained incredible insight into myself that’s brought clarity to my situation and helped me personally and professionally. As a team, Dave and Victoria offer great balance—they both have a gift for getting beyond the tactical and helping you to be objective. They have a tremendous amount of love and caring that I’ve never seen before. You don’t hear the word love bandied around in business much, but it should be. It’s such a key element!”

Victoria speaks for both of them when she explains, “We’re aware that our approach and what we’re doing isn’t the norm in business, and it’s not always easy. But we’re deeply committed to loving and supporting each other and to serving business owners by providing a supportive environment that will empower them to achieve their dreams and goals. Together, we’re constantly striving to find more effective ways to help entrepreneurs.” Dave agrees: “There are a lot of ‘Dave Blocks’ out there who are really good at what they do, but feel isolated, overwhelmed and frustrated with the many aspects of running their businesses," he says. "We feel we were brought together to be there for them!”


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