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Create a Network to Build Your Business

The Art of Creating a Community

Marketing gurus have have always promoted the value of “building a community” to grow businesses. You’re familiar with online communities, but off-line, real-world communities are important too. They take a little more thought, time and effort, but can be highly effective and a big win for everyone involved.

Make-it-Fly® aims to create genuine, caring communities of friends and clients. The advisory boards themselves are small communities where members support, encourage and sometimes challenge each other.

Make-it-Fly® Cafés serve as ‘community events’—a way for clients and friends to meet, mix and mingle. These Cafés started in 2004 because members of Advisory Boards wanted a venue in which to meet members of other boards. Since then, it’s grown to include their friends, colleagues and many others. Guests report that it’s an unusually friendly and supportive crowd—a caring community, where people meet new clients, make new friends and enjoy a fun evening!

Dave works all the time at growing that toolbox he carries wherever he goes—meeting new business owners and individuals,

Getting to know them
Understand what they do well
Find out what they’re passionate about
Learn what needs they may have

When he hears of a need, he gives helpful resources from his toolbox.

Dave speaks to leads and referral groups about how to strengthen and grow their memberships.

Dave's Presentations

Victoria's Presentations

If you’d like to know more about these talks or book Dave or Victoria to speak to your group or organization, email us or call the office at: 720-962-8888.

About Dave and Victoria

What People
are Saying

Cooper Swenson
Financial Advisor
Edward Jones

"Thank you so much for helping our business-to-business leads group! You helped us re-focus on where we want to be going and how to get there! We really appreciate your ideas on growing the group, especially with respect to controlling the quality and compatibility of new members joining the group. I believe strongly that this will facilitate the creation of lasting relationships and even have measurable results in the next few months! Having an outside eye, with a great deal of experience in leads groups and networking, you gave us what we felt was the cutting edge of successful strategies in building relationships! Thanks again!"

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