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What are People Saying about the
Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101?

'Mad' Max Young
Renaissance Adventure Guides, LLC

Mad Max Young of Renaissance Adventure Guides, LLC“I learned a lot about time management in my Make-it-Fly® 101 program. I also came to see how some of my former habits were eating up my time and productivity.

I remain in touch with several of the people from my Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board and often bounce new ideas off of them. Some of them I consider to be pretty good friends.”

Dick and Conli Fraze
The Steaming Bean Coffee House

Dick and Conli Fraze of The Steaming Bean Coffee House“We participated in separate Make-it-Fly® 101 programs, which allowed us to receive twice as much input from the other participants. The brainstorming sessions were great and, as a result of Dave’s wonderful facilitation of our Steaming Bean Raving Fans Club event, we now have an advisory board that meets with us on a regular basis to keep us on track and accountable.”

Neal Browne
Media 3 Video Production

Neal Browne of Media 3 Video Production“The Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 distilled the most necessary fundamental information and models to create success in business, and it forced me to face all the questions in areas of my weaknesses I wanted to conveniently ignore. The creativity and accountability of the group were superb.

It is a not-to-be-missed boot camp, launch platform, perspective-builder and accelerator for your business that can’t be neglected if you want the best chance of succeeding.”

Randy Pickering of Pickering's Auto Service Center

Randy Pickering
Pickering's Auto Service Center

“I think the Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 program helped me dial into some key points on how to network and promote our business. It also helped me recommit myself to my business.”


Sheryl Williams, Ignite Matchmaking ServiceSheryl Williams
Ignite Matchmaking Service

“I need someone to be accountable to besides myself. Being part of an advisory board gave me a group of people, as well as a monthly accountability partner, to help me stay accountable to my goals. At each meeting, just knowing that I’d have to give an update on how I was coming along on meeting my goals was a big enough incentive for me to get them done.

There is no better way to get motivated to build or grow your business. In the Advisory Board 101, you’ll learn and get ideas for just how to do that or to put new energy into an already existing business. Commit to a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board, give it your full attention, set tough but reachable goals and take advantage of all that the program has to offer.”

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Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101

Designed for entrepreneurs, businesses owners, independent contractors, professionals and sales people who want to:

Grow an existing business to a higher level and reach their objectives

Increase sales, profits and efficiency

Jump-start a new business

Live a more balanced life while growing their business




Strategic Goal Setting

Personal Accountability

Creative Ideas

Practical Solutions to Problems

Fresh Perspectives

Objective Feedback

Valuable insights from other business owners

And much, much more—in an environment of professional camaraderie and strict confidentiality.

Call 720-962-8888 if you’d like to talk with someone about joining a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and boost your company’s profits!

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