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What are People Saying about

Make-it-Fly® Alumni Advisory Boards?

Kathy Walker, Counterpoint DesignKathy Walker
Counterpoint Design

"I've been involved in the Make-it-Fly® program almost since it's beginning. It has been an invaluable sounding board for drawing on the expertise of other business owners. When I'm faced with business challenges, I know with confidence that I have 'team members' I can turn to for sound business counsel."

David Veal, Veal CreativeDavid Veal
Veal Creative

“Since joining the Make-it-Fly® family years ago, I have enjoyed the friendships, the advice and the power that collaborative efforts bring. More than that, the Alumni Advisory Board has supported my goals to lose bad working habits and set prosperous, attainable objectives.

I am thankful for the active accountability partners from my board. I am ecstatic to have yet another outlet to share my expertise on corporate identity, branding and graphic design. Thank you, Dave and Victoria, for setting me on a stronger business path.”

Carol McAnally
Rhythm of Life

“Having owned and operated my own business for over 10 years, I became keenly aware that I needed support if I was to grow. Since joining in 2004, Make-it-Fly® has helped me take my business from surviving to thriving.

Through brainstorming and feedback, the Make-it-Fly® Alumni Board challenges me to stay focused, clear, forward moving, creative, inspired and realistic. It has also helped me realize my potential and expand the horizons of what I have to offer—my business has transformed from being fairly one-dimensional to clearly multi-faceted.

Through the support of Dave, Victoria, the Alumni Board and my many accountability buddies, I now consider myself to be a knowledgeable, confident and inspired business person.”

Jean Lamont,  Magestic ImagesJean Lamont
Majestic Images

"I started my business two and a half years ago. The Make-it-Fly® Alumni Board has given me:

  1. Quality mentoring in those elements that are required to start and sustain a new business
  2. Access to other talented business owners and their expertise
  3. Enthusiastic belief in my abilities, when at times I doubted it
  4. The opportunity to give my expertise and support to other business owners.

Make-it-Fly® has been instrumental in my success."

Steve Breitman,  Mindful Business SolutionsSteve Breitman
Mindful Business Solutions

“I’ve been an Alumni Board member for three years and have found the group indispensable to my business’s growth.

As a small business owner, I sometimes feel as if I’m on an island. My ticket to getting off has been my co-alumni. I know that I can call any one of them at a moment’s notice to discuss an issue or bounce an idea off of. Their diverse backgrounds have opened my eyes to new perspectives and have helped me to make wiser choices in managing my business.

I would highly recommend the Make-it-Fly® Alumni Board to any small business owner seeking guidance, support and friendship from executives like himself.”

Jay A. Murray
Certified College Planner
Founder, Solutions for Tuition

“The Make-it-Fly® Alumni group functions as my board of advisors. Whenever I bring an idea or a challenge to the group, I know I will take away valuable feedback in addition to ideas and strategies I might not have discovered on my own.”

Glenn Vandine,  Virtual Staffing, Inc. Glenn Vandine
Virtual Staffing, Inc. (also known as VSI)

“The Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board helped me focus on the basics. Although I felt that I had a lot of the foundation in place for our company, the program provided me some insight into the potential flaws in the foundation as well as how to use the foundation to springboard into growing our business.

I would strongly advise anyone who’s interested in Make-it-Fly® to stop contemplating, sign up for the program, allocate plenty of time for the homework and stick with it. If you don’t feel you have time to give 100 percent to the program, now is not a good time. This program is one that ‘you get out of the program what you’re willing to put into it.’”

Dawn Legge,  Amberg Entertainment Dawn Legge
Amberg Entertainment

“I met some of the most brilliant, fantastic people in my life through the Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board program. I got some amazing new ideas and a tremendous amount of support from my new friends.

The biggest thing I am taking from the Alumni Advisory Board is the understanding that I don’t have to do this all on my own. Asking for help has never been easier. I am excited and re-energized knowing that.”

Ira Johnson, Happy Llama, Inc.Ira Johnson
Happy Llama, Inc.

“Make-it-Fly® has helped hold me accountable to my own goals. As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get caught up in the menial day-to-day tasks. Make-it-Fly® forces me to take an honest look at my business and its progress. When you have an informal board of directors there to help, it is much harder to remain oblivious to the mistakes that are happening. The bottom line is that once a month you have to sit with a group of your peers and examine your actions for the last month.

Despite the best intentions of a new business owner or one who has been at it for years, they need an outside perspective. We all love our businesses, which means we are too close to be objective. Make-it-Fly® gives you a group of peers who are interested in your success and are willing to share their expertise to help you achieve your goals.”

Make-it-Fly® Alumni Boards

For those who graduate from the Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101, we offer Alumni Boards for those who are committed to growing their companies and want to maintain a lifestyle of strategic goal setting and accountability.

The once a month Alumni Board meetings focus on discussion, real-life problem solving and business growth issues. You’ll have the opportunity to find solutions and get feedback from the collective expertise and experience of fellow members.

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