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What People Are Saying

Amy Graham, Wayz to Wealth, LLCAmy Graham
Wayz to Wealth, LLCl

“"I can’t even begin to thank Dave, Victoria and Make-it-Fly® enough for all they have meant to my business. The Advisory Board and now the Alumni Board have been an incredible resource for networking and for learning. The values and marketing exercises in the 101 board were a refreshing reminder of who and what I am, and the expertise of Dave Block and the other board members have provided a great sounding board. More than anything, the boards are a place to connect for entrepreneurs who have realized that when you work for yourself, your perspective gets skewed – and there’s no water cooler to stand around and readjust it.”

Brad Herman of The Arselal Book StoreBrad Herman 
The Arsenal

“Make-it-Fly® gave me the tools of goal setting and planning. Before Make-it-Fly®, I set almost no goals and had limited planning. The 30-day goals have been a radically beneficial tool for the new initiatives that I’m now implementing throughout my business.

Another benefit I received from Make-it-Fly® was the networking. This was and is absolutely amazing. I am now in relationship with other entrepreneurs that have strengths and wisdom that I don’t have. It’s almost like having new business partners who bring a plethora of new insights to your business.

I can honestly say that my business would be on a much lower growth trajectory without the vital input that I received through Make-it-Fly®. I couldn’t give it a higher recommendation.”

Ginger McGuire, McGuire ImmigrationGinger McGuire
McGuire Immigration

Joining the Make-It-Fly® Advisory Board was the best business decision I have made thus far. It took me “out of my box” and opened my eyes to better marketing strategy, systems and processes, and the importance of financial planning. The board has become an invaluable resource for me.

Susie Hayes, MA, CHT

Susie Hayes, MA, CHT

Make-it-Fly® is in alignment with my belief system. Right now, we’re all being challenged on this planet to shift our paradigm from competition to collaboration. Collaboration and community is foundational to Make-it-Fly®. There is a powerful synergy in Make-it-Fly® that I’ve lapped up like a hungry puppy. Resources, resources, resources – an ever-expansive treasure chest.

Greg Wertsch, EveryoneForHire.comGreg Wertsch

Joining Make-it-Fly® has easily been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

If you are serious about your business, serious about helping your clients and serious about doing what you do better – take the next step – and join Make-it-Fly®.

Terri Novell, Further Performance GroupTerri Novell
Further Performance Group

Make-it-Fly® has provided me with connections and business contacts here in Denver. My focus for 2009 was/is to grow locally. My web designer and accountant are both Make-it-Fliers. They are both amazing and life savers.

Make-it-Fly® provides a great system and structure for doing what each business owner must do to set themselves up for success. The businesspeople you meet and the conversations are both insightful and validating. The Advisory Board provides a safe sounding board for your ideas along with camaraderie. It’s a really great experience.

Mark Turner,  Aspen Creek Landscaping

Mark Turner
Aspen Creek Landscaping

“I saw Dave and Victoria at a seminar at my landscape association meeting several years ago and got on their email list. After two years of receiving their great e-newsletter tips, I decided to give it a try. Dave guaranteed me before I joined my first board that it would be worth it. He was right! The opportunity to work and brainstorm with 12 entrepreneurial board members like myself each month is an incredible experience. I have learned a tremendous amount from each member, not only for my business but for my own personal growth.

It truly is a life changing experience that you won’t regret. The richness of advice that you receive is worth 10 times the cost. I was always a little envious seeing corporate board meetings and never having the chance to experience that as a small business owner. This is the perfect opportunity!”

Stephanie Lewis, Lew West Business ConsultantsStephanie Lewis
Lew West Business Consultants

“I am a devoted fan of Make-it-Fly® and what it has done for me. When I came into Make-it-Fly® three years ago, I was new to the area and wanted to meet people in the marketplace, and meet them I did. Having broken into a number of new locations over the years and familiar with the time it usually takes, I found that through Make-it-Fly® I became acquainted with more quality people in less time than I ever have been able to in the past.

A Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board keeps your thinking fresh, introduces new avenues and possibilities for you and your business, and challenges you to grow out of your comfort zone.”

Kent Lemburg of Soulstice, Ltd.Kent Lemburg
Soulstice, Ltd.

“My Make-it-Fly® experience continues to pull me out of my day-to-day business routine to help me see the forest for the trees.

No matter where you are in the process of building your business, Make-it-Flyers always have additional insight and perspective to help make you a better businessperson.
No matter whether or not the board is directly focusing on my business, I still take the words of wisdom and integrate them into my business. If someone walks away from the Make-it-Fly® program with only absorbing 20 percent of the material, then the program has been successful.”

Sherry Armstrong, Award and Sign

Sherry Armstrong
Award and Sign

“Everyone on the board brings new and different perspectives, experience and expertise to the table. Some of our needs are similar and others not, but we always take home something that we can apply to help our business.”


Dan Echols, See Inside Sewer ScopeDan Echols
See Inside Sewer Scope

“When I started my company, I had a plan, but I had no idea if it was a good one. The Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 board gave me some very practical exercises to refine my vision, my plan and my goal setting. Top that with a feeling of community, of not going it alone, and you get some real confidence in yourself and your business.

The Advisory Board gives you the tools if you lacked them and the reinforcement if they had dulled to be successful. They also introduce one of the most powerful aspects of Make-it-Fly®, the accountability. The board teaches you what good goals are and the importance of setting them. They assign you an 'accountability buddy' to help you stay on track, keep focused and moving in a positive direction.”

Joyce Leake of Animal UniversityJoyce Leake
Animal University

“The Make-it-Fly® Alumni Board came just in time. My experience in the entry level Advisory Board 101 was very helpful. When the opportunity came to graduate to the next level, it not only raised the bar for my business, but upped the ante for me too. Every meeting presents a different challenge. I actually look forward to preparing for each meeting so as not to let the members down.

It's inspiring to know that all the Alumni Board members are there to help you and your business be the best that they can be. Somehow ‘they’ know that without your business the world will just not be a better place.”


Taya Sweeden
St. Bernard Bankruptcy

“I would not be positioned for achieving my goals without the advisory board. Frankly, it radically changed how I think of business and my appreciation for business owners. Make-it-FlyŽ has catapulted my business to new levels.

Erik Royer, Juice Creative

Erik Royer
Juice Creative

“Joining a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board has been the smartest decision I have made with my business. Each session I come away with a refreshed motivation, armed with new tools that I’m excited to apply to my business. In small business, one often feels like an overworked one-man show, but surrounding oneself with the experience and comprehensive knowledge of the advisory board has proven an effective remedy.

Aside from the insight and feedback, I’m someone who works to deadlines, so the accountability aspect has also proven invaluable.”

Terri Starck, Point B Strategies

Terri Starck
Point B Strategies

“Participating in my Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board 101 and my Make-it-Fly® Alumni Board has given me business direction, personal stability and confidence, a sounding board for issues, more clients than I imagined, and a group of people that I trust and consider my friends. It has changed my perspective in life from how can I get more to how can I give more.”

Mark Berkowitz of Empower Consulting

Mark Berkowitz
Empower Consulting

“The culture of Make-it-Fly® is genuinely one of unselfish giving. The energy of the leaders and members is contagious, and it’s extremely rewarding to do business with friends who are excited about introducing you to others who can benefit from your services and vice versa. Make-it-Fly® is not just a business group, it really is a lifestyle. It is life changing in ways you can’t imagine. I owe much of the growth of my business to the relationships I have developed through Make-it-Fly®.

Jon Terry, Realty Professionals of America Inc.

Jon Terry
Realty Professionals of America Inc

“Each member of my alumni board has become my trusted advisors. I benefit because each person on my board really knows me and has broad context in helping me solve problems, resolve issues and think through challenges. More than that, I have been helped tremendously by the board members’ skills. I have been through branding sessions, strategic coaching, website development, marketing and advertising plan reviews, and so many other things that have helped me to be more successful. It’s about idea generation, plan creation and implementation, and my alumni board helps me with all those things.”

Joan Schlaefer of Gift To It!

Joan Schlaefer
Gift To It!

“Make-it-Fly® is incredible. Beyond the fact that you meet so many interesting and wonderful people, the opportunity to interact with energized business people is extremely enlightening. Make-it-Fly® is so much more than a networking opportunity – a great place to seek help for yourself and offer help to others.”

Russell Louie,  Optimum Choices, LLC

Russell Louie
Optimum Choices, LLC

“I started in a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board in 2003, when my business revenues were flat. I wanted to take my business to the next level, but I knew the traditional business courses were inadequate in this new Internet economy. I told Dave Block that as a holistic Internet business I needed to know what is successful today, not what has worked during the past 5-10 years as a ‘proven business model.’ Make-it-Fly® has always delivered a creative and innovative solution when I needed it.

Since 2003, my average monthly revenues have increased 42-fold as I continue to take advantage of the wealth of resources available from my Make-it-Fly® Alumni Board and Dave's and Victoria's network. One cannot be successful alone in this dynamic, fast-moving Internet economy.

I don't believe in competition and the advice from Make-it-Fly® has allowed me to position my Internet company as the #1 retailer of our holistic animal product in the world, with an abundance of backorders. I couldn't have done it without Make-it-Fly®.”

Jonnelle Leimbach of Seniors ETC.

Jonnelle Leimbach
Seniors ETC

“The Make-it-Fly® Alumni Board certainly takes the oneness out of small business entrepreneurship. I have built great relationships and a team of advisors who are phenomenal.
This gives me the opportunity to share business ideas and challenges with some of the most talented, intelligent, creative and authentic people.”

Paul Kreins, of Bowl-ero Lanes

Paul Kreins
Have Big Fun Entertainment (Bowl-ero Lanes)

“The Make-it-Fly® program is a tremendous concept. For me, being new to the community, it was a great way to get to know other entrepreneurs and receive critical feedback and support from a group of individuals who could look at my business and my work habits objectively yet with a critical eye. Personally, it helped me get focused on high-return tasks at a time when I was feeling pretty overwhelmed.”

Karen Susman, Remarkable Associations!

Karen Susman
Remarkable Associations!

“I’ve learned so much from my Make-it-Fly® board. My jaw has dropped many times due to the vision, wisdom, creativity I’ve shared over a cup of coffee. I’ve focused more, and Make-it-Fly® has forced me to give up lots of my 'Yes, buts.”


Barbara Brannen of Ener-Cast Human Resource Strategies

Barbara Brannen
Playmore, LLC

“My Make-it-Fly® colleagues and Dave and Victoria have all helped keep me focused, answered my questions, offered new brilliant ideas and referred help to me on a regular basis. It creates the much-needed ‘board of directors’ that most small businesses are missing.”

Bob Heavers ,  Priority ManagementBob Heavers
Priority Management & OmniBus

“Thank you for the profound difference you have made in my life. I will recommend you without reservation to everyone who is fortunate enough to learn about Make-it-Fly®. Every business person deserves time to stand back and have a strategic look at her/his business … time for working on the business, not just in the business.

Make-it-Fly® is so successful because you two practice very effectively everything you teach and because you take such a personal interest in the success of each of your clients. I never expected any personalized attention when I signed up; so it was an incredible surprise to have you and the rest of the class focusing on nothing but my business and my success at times. I found the accountability networks you set up are like having a third-party board of directors for a short time. Everyone learns how to become a giver and even more importantly, how to be vulnerable enough to ask for help, and receive invaluable perspectives and new ideas for accelerating performance.”

Geri Bigum, Staging DenverGeri Bigum
Staging Denver

“Make-it-Fly® has made a phenomenal difference in my life and my business!

My business has greatly benefited from having a trusted board of advisors who help keep me focused on our company's goals and dreams. They have talked me through some challenging business decisions, given me the courage to take risks I might not have taken and given me insights I wouldn't have had. Not only that, having the opportunity to do the same for each of their businesses has caused me to grow personally in ways I never would have imagined. Sharing vision with like-minded people isn't something that is readily found in our culture. More often it is ‘Every business for itself.’ My board members make themselves available whenever I have something pressing that needs input. We care about each other's success in all areas of life. I couldn't have grown my business to this place without the assistance of these invaluable people. It's great fun being me right now, and I would love to hear other entrepreneurs saying the same thing!”

Andy Cleary of Orbit DesignAndy Cleary
Orbit Design

“As a newly graduated Make-it-Flyer, I thought the process was positively stunning. The benefits of the mutual advisory board far exceeded what was promised, and what's more, I fully expect the advantages to compound in the future. Being able to get advice and an objective sounding board from my peers is so instrumental in making good decisions, that I now realize I could have made much greater progress if I had found Make-it-Fly® earlier.

In addition, I enjoyed three unexpected benefits from my Make-it-Fly® experience. First, I have formed business relationships with a majority of my fellow board members. The quality of the participants is such that I was able to connect as a vendor/customer with most of the group—this would not happen even in the best of leads groups. Second, the open sharing of resources helped me improve our own business process. Third, the level of trust and connectedness heightens during the board process so that new business opportunities seem to arise spontaneously.

If you are an entrepreneur and are used to carrying the whole weight of the business on your shoulders, I can't recommend the Make-it-Fly® experience more highly—to quote a famous energy drink ‘it gives you wings.”

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Beth Boen, creativeXchange MarketingBeth Boen
CreativeXchange Marketing

“Being part of a Make-it-Fly® Advisory Board gave me many ‘aha’s.’ These realizations have accelerated my business and taught me tremendous lessons. I have met terrific people who are so giving and helpful. I have great enthusiasm to assist my peers as well. I see Make-it-Fly® as an ongoing program in my business’s success.”

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Jim Rohrer
Customer Care Partners

“After spending most of my working years with a very large corporation, many of the lessons learned at corporate America were vitally important as I contemplated launching a second career with my own business. There were some holes in my experience however, so I decided to get some help to fill them. Being captain of a 777 is quite different from flying a small plane. The small plane is much less complex, but you are all alone in the cockpit. You soon learn the phrase, ‘If it’s to be it’s up to me.’

I joined Make-it-Fly® to address these needs. Any business plan, big or small, has modular parts that all have to be successfully executed. If one part is unsuccessfully accomplished, there’s a good chance the entire business plan will not succeed. That’s probably the reason so many new small businesses fail.

For me, when I joined Make-it-Fly®, I was lacking in each of the many parts of my business plan. Product development, marketing that product, selling that product and product delivery were all work in progress. I’m not sure I fully realized how much work was needed.

The Make-it-Fly® process separates each piece of the business plan, requiring you to think through each. It provides resources to help you strengthen each step in your business plan. Then, there is the accountability piece of the Make-it-Fly® process. You have to answer to your Board of Directors. If your thinking is incomplete, they will tell you.

Remember, ‘Flying is not dangerous. Crashing is.’ You better get some flying lessons before you attempt take-off.”

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Steve Doherty
Professional Speaker
American Champions Publishing

“I have known Dave and Victoria Block and have been part of the Make-it-Fly® family for over four years. The personal and professional support, mentoring and coaching have meant more to my success and happiness than any other professional program I have ever undertaken.

To be so caring, supportive, and professional at the same time takes truly committed and dedicated practitioners. Dave and Victoria represent the pinnacle of support and partnering. I could not recommend two people or a program more enthusiastically. Bottom line? THEY MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR SUCCESS AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS AND OBJECTIVES.”

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Kelly Stangel , Denver Business JournalKelly Stangel
Denver Business Journal

“I benefited from Make-it-Fly® in multiple levels: my ‘web’—network of contacts, the sharp thinking of building ideas, brainstorming, advisory board, accountability, friendships, etc. The Make-it-Fly® program helped encourage me to step up execution and excellence. I was encouraged to find my inner confidence with myself and the ideas that I can create. I found it to be wonderful!

Make-it-Fly® has single-handedly grown my business! It was a great decision to invest in myself and my company in this manner. Grateful I did it.”

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